Trowbridge is the County town of Wiltshire. We have a population of over 40,000 and a retail/services catchment of over 70,000. As a community we have accepted that localism and growth go hand in hand and we are set to grow by a further 20,000 in the coming years.

Traditionally Trowbridge was a working class town dominated by woollen mills and although it had not seen the level of investment one would expect in a County Town, for the last 13 years a strong partnership has been formed working to deliver the Vision for Trowbridge and the tide is now turning with a 7 screen cinema and 80 bed hotel being built on the St Stephens Place site, alongside the new state of the art Civic Centre that was opened last December. 

In 2011 a specific group , The Trowbridge County Town Initiative was established  to drive forward the improvement of the historic core of the town which has suffered from the withdrawal of large multiples to the fringes of the town centre. The Initiative recently undertook a bid to become a Portas Pilot town for which we were unsuccessful.  However a consequence has been the establishment of a working group, The Town Team charged with bringing the heart and soul back into the historical town centre of Trowbridge.

Projects under development include:

• Markets – returning a range of locally sourced products and vibrant street markets

• Environment – enhancements which reflect the magnificence of many historic buildings

• Access – bringing the town centre closer to residents with improved pedestrian routes

• Partnership – A Business Improvement District BID to secure long term progress

We have huge support from Wiltshire Council which is currently undertaking a Town Centre Master Planning exercise which will identify the priorities for the Town Centre and from Trowbridge Town Council which has recently undertaken to deliver seed corn investment to drive the above initiatives forward.

The Town Team recognises the importance of moving with the times in identifying new opportunities and working with partners in the public and private sectors to deliver them.  We would like to hear from anybody who would like to take part in the future development of the County Town, helping us to deliver a town that is vibrant, resilient, community based and that we can all be proud of.