Fore Street Food Festival

Saturday August 31st – The Second Trowbridge Food Festival

imagesWe’re so excited here at Town Team HQ about the second Fore Street Food Fest that is being sponsored this year by our friends over at HJ Knee, the oldest & most established department store in the West Country.  Last years event was totally brilliant and so many people turned out to support it that the word has got around and this years event is going to be even bigger and better.

The Fore Street Food Fest will bring local food producers and artisans once again into the historic Old Quarter of the County Town and promises to be a day filled with music, workshops, talks and of course FOOD.  You’ll get to try before you buy on many of the stalls and you will be supporting the army of talented people who bake, grow, pickle, rear, cook and make mouthwatering produce here in Trowbridge and the surrounding towns and villages of Wiltshire.

We already have a fantastic range of offers in store on the day and your support will strengthen links between town and country, helping to grow the industries that surround Trowbridge. These producers will be bringing healthy, fantastic goods into the town and these ties will strengthen the community we live in, making us more resilient, keeping down food miles and celebrating all the goodness that Wiltshire has to offer.

If you think that you would like to come along in 2013 with something that is homemade, handmade, local, ethical, sustainable or just down right delicious……

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