Town Team Events

As part of the work that was carried out by the Town Team for the Portas Pilot bid what came over loud and clear is that we all need to have a bit more fun.  The trouble with this stage of the town suffering from the large retailers moving out to the edge of town is that it is all starting to look a little sad and neglected.  But that can all change.

With a weekly Community Market and Wiltshire Council General market set to hit Fore Street on March 27th, alongside our very own Indoor Daily Market, we thought it would be great to get you all into the spirit of town centre regeneration and hold some events.

Last year we trialled this by holding the Fore Street Food Fest, alongside The Trowbridge Arts Festival and the Dickensian Market all of which were received very well. So in 2013 we are going to repeat those events and introduce a couple more in the form of an Easter Market on March 30th and as part of the Armed Forces weekend we are joining in the fun and putting on a Vintage Make Do and Mend Festival at the end of June.

There is so much going on in Trowbridge in 2013 and thanks to work put in by TCAF and the Initiative, who hosted a Retail led focus group in early January, we are now in a position to put up a dedicated Trowbridge Events page.

The Town Team are looking forward to seeing many of you in 2013, get set to have some fun.   2013 Events Registration Form