Have Your Say on the Trowbridge Campus

Have you heard about the plans for a Trowbridge Campus?

This is really exciting stuff.  With all the great things that have been happening in Trowbridge recently like the new Civic Centre, the Arts Festival that’s going to be the largest cultural event in Wiltshire this year, the plans for the Town Hall to become an Arts Centre, plans to move our lovely Museum into Courtfield House, as well as a Cinema coming out of the ground courtesy of Legal and General, due to be completed in October 2013, in addition to street markets coming to the County Town sometime in the Winter of 2012-13, The Fore Street Food Fest in September and the Dickensian Market in December, NOW Wiltshire Council want your opinion on their ideas for a NEW CAMPUS!

What is a campus?

Community campuses will be developed through input from local people making sure each campus is as individual as the community it serves. They will provide the services communities need in one easy-to-access location – placing customers and their needs at the heart of future plans.

These campuses could be new buildings or greatly-improved and developed existing buildings. In other cases the proposal is to look at community-run leisure facilities which could be expanded to accommodate additional services or facilities.

The aim is to make maximum and efficient use of the council’s buildings – both new and existing – and create campuses that deliver more for local communities.

Have your say on the Trowbridge area community Campus

This week sees the start of a major consultation on the Trowbridge campus.

The idea of a campus is to bring a number of services and facilities together in one building or a series of buildings. This means people can access a variety of local services, such as council services, partners e.g. the police, or community services. In Trowbridge, a campus could mean new leisure facilities and services.

As the County Town the Trowbridge Campus will also draw people from a wider area. The purpose of the campus is to significantly improve what it is on offer to the community.

Paper copies of the consultation survey are available across the area and completed surveys can also be returned to the library, Castle Place Leisure Centre, Trowbridge Sports Centre, Tourist Information Centre, supermarkets, local shops and schools across the community area.

Alternatively you can answer the consultation questions online.