Trowbridge Chosen to Pilot New Technology

Trowbridge is going to be one of the launch towns for an innovative regeneration campaign to attract more visitors into the town and support independent retailers.

We have been identified by TikTap as an ideal town to launch its new innovative mobile technology to proactively increase footfall in the County Town by introducing a local offer and voucher incentive scheme.

Utilising mobile technology supplied by TikTap, which has been developed by the company behind Orange Wednesdays, up to 50 local retailers in the town centre will be able to provide shoppers with instant offers and exclusive promotions redeemable in store via their mobile phones.

Photo courtesy of John le Brocq

Toby Brett from the Rose and Crown with their new TikTap Pod

TikTap technology is enabled via a unique pod, which can be plugged into a retailer’s EPOS electronic till system, a computer or just the wall. Consumers download the TikTap app free, which stores details of all live offers in the area – users ‘Tik’ the ones that appeal.  When they are in the shop, they simply tap their mobile phones over the pod to redeem the offer, bridging the gap between online, mobile and High Street shopping.

This new initiative aims to be a major part of the strategy to maintain buoyancy in Trowbridge with regeneration initiatives well underway with the opening of the Civic Centre, the new Library and with a cinema coming out of the ground.

TikTap will help small retailers with lower marketing budgets market themselves to a wider audience, as well as larger businesses who already promote traditional offers via bonus card schemes, print vouchers and other more traditional communication channels like direct mailings. It harnesses the use of smartphones, that a reported 27% of all adults own and 47% of teenagers, with  a huge 59% having purchase them in the last year.  This shall enable effective, targeted offers tailored to new and existing customers and you have complete control of your offers at all times.

The sign up from Trowbridge Town Team is a good example of how towns are proactively taking the initiative to bring their High Street back to life. We recognise that there are a great many platforms out there that encourage this sort of thing like O2 and Foursquare, but the coverage around the initiative has been amazing and this is just the sort of thing to put Trowbridge back onto the map.

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