What is the Town Team

The TTT members bring their wealth of experience from a cross section of organisations from within the community they come together to deliver against a set of objectives that include:

  • Arranging activities that benefit, promote and support the community and the social, economic, cultural and environmental regeneration of Trowbridge.
  • To organise a programme of events for local people which provide opportunities for the local community and develop skills, capabilities and build confidence – especially for young people.
  • To increase our sense of pride in the town and to promote Trowbridge to the wider community, whilst working in partnership with other like minded individuals and businesses for the common good.

The TTT works closely with Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, the town and county councils, the collaborative schools, the Arts Council and other community groups in the pursuit of theses goals.

Please visit our about us pages for further information or follow us on social media.


Meet the Team

Hello! The Trowbridge Town Team is made up of volunteers, who meet to arrange events and projects which will benefit the people of Trowbridge and promote the county town. Please see their profiles below. If you are interested in joining the Town Team please complete our contact us form.

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