Meet the Team

Hello! The Trowbridge Town Team is made up of volunteers, who meet to arrange events and projects which will benefit the people of Trowbridge and promote the county town. Please see their profiles below.

If you are interested in joining the Town Team please complete our contact us form.


David Baker

David is the Chair of Trowbridge Town Team , having come well qualified for the role as the ex, long-standing President of the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce.  He also sits on a number of regeneration boards, including the Trowbridge County Town Initiative and Transforming Trowbridge. David has his own business in the town, a management … Continue reading David Baker

John Knight

John is the former Mayor of Trowbridge and long-standing Unitary Councillor for Wiltshire, as well as having served as a  Trowbridge Town Councillor since 2003. A firm advocate of our weekly market, John is a valued member of the Town Team and we are grateful for his input.  

Lance Allan

Lance is the Non-Executive Treasurer for Trowbridge Town Team, when he isn’t fulfilling his other role as the Town’s Clerk. This year to mark the 800th year after the signing of the Magna Carta, and Trowbridge’s role as a Baron Town, Lance will be cycling the 800 miles that is the shortest distance between all … Continue reading Lance Allan

Liz Machin

Liz runs a successful independent business in the town centre, Fabric Magic. She is passionate about working with the town team to establish links within the business community to increase footfall in the town centre and as such is heading up a role supporting small, independent businesses in the town.  

John le Brocq

A local resident  John is a film director, scriptwriter, photographer and lecturer. With a strong interest in community and the arts, John brings a wealth of practical help as well as knowledge to the team, having been involved since day one, when his company Drive by Shooting Films put together the original Mary Portas bid video, … Continue reading John le Brocq

Tracy Sullivan

Tracy has multiple links in the town and across the County in community matters and the arts working for TCAF (Trowbridge Community Area Futures), WAP (Wiltshire Arts Programme) and heading up the Arts Festival. As the former director of the Ark Theatre, Tracy is also working with the Town Hall Trust to bring the ambitious project … Continue reading Tracy Sullivan

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