New Trowbridge market to offer town centre boost

Written by: Craig Jones of The Wiltshire Times

Civic leaders hope a new weekly market will bring retail back to the fore in Trowbridge when it is launched on Wednesday.

An estimated 30 stalls will come to Fore Street, between 9am and 4pm every Wednesday, selling items including fruit, vegetables, baked goods and clothing and local items.

The market is organised by Wiltshire Council, with Trowbridge Town Team and support from Trowbridge Town Council.

Tom Ince, Wiltshire Council’s amenity partnership team leader, said: “Being the county town, we felt that it was something Trowbridge needed as part of its regeneration.

“Our plan is to make it a permanent fixture and, depending how it goes, expand it in the future.”

The launch follows the success of similar markets in Bradford on Avon, Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes and Warminster and other Wiltshire towns.

The Town Team’s Ellie Gill, campaign manager for Love Your Local Market, said: “We have a flexible structure in place, to offer opportunities to those who can’t hold stalls every week.

“We are also looking to offer a deal for teenagers to pay £5 to run their own stalls during the school holidays, to encourage them to start their own businesses.”


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